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Changing the way people experience weather

We’re happy as we’re about to start inviting people into the new project  we’ve been working on!!  A broader version of weendy app.
Who needs one more Weather App?
The data aspects of weather until now was somewhat pedestrian and the typical experience within the existing weather mobile apps somewhat banal. Yahoo Weather-won awards … Continue Reading ››

Technical Post: Weendy Public API

It's been a while since we wrote  a more "technical" post on this blog. Our mission at Weendy is to change the way people experience weather. Fortunately enough, there are tons of other people/companies that see that the present  way we experience weather (from our smartphone to the TV) is quite limited and just not right. To date we have … Continue Reading ››

Together we mapped 15,000 beaches and slopes, and keep growing…

Big thanks to our super passionate community! 15k_spots      

#weendyjunkie giveaway is live: Win a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition

unnamed-1 Help a friend learn about the weendy community and get a chance to win a GoPro camera. If you are friends with someone who is an outdoor passionate, just like you, then you know that there is a way that can directly help them find the best conditions to enjoy … Continue Reading ››
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Escape to Chalupy, Poland with Peter Konkel

Peter Konkel (Weendy username: Piotrkonkel), is a windsurfer and a fan of the active lifestyle. Peter hails from Chałupy, Poland. He loves windsurfing and running. “I am lucky that I come from Chałupy, one of the best windsurfing spots in Poland”, he states. Chałupy is situated on Hel peninsula (North of Poland). His family house … Continue Reading ››

Hitting the slopes already? Here’s how you can post snow updates on Weendy!

Happy New Year Weendies! We hope you’ve had a great Christmas season and that you’ve found some time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity! We’ve been delighted to browse all the reports from the mountains where you’ve been at! Weendies have been ripping it up, way to go guys and girls! What we’ve also noticed is that most … Continue Reading ››

Paragliding over Greece with Amvrosios Kardaris

Amvrosios Kardaris lives in Maroussi, a suburb north from the center of Athens. His first five flights with a paraglider were in 1990 at Zell am See, Austria. Almost a decade later (in 2001) he officially started practicing paragliding and since then he flies whenever he has free time. When he was a boy, he … Continue Reading ››

Meet Jeff Kafka: the legendary surfer, kitesurfer and Weendy ambassador

Jeff Kafka is a legendary surfer and kitesurfer as well as the owner of Wind Over Water Kiteboarding school, Nor Cal, on the San Francisco Peninsula. Jeff is a pioneer of kiteboarding and kitesurfing instruction around the Bay Area, having discovered kitesurfing whilst on a surf trip on Hawaii. Jeff is a great ambassador and … Continue Reading ››
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Meet Frank Jarolimek-Proner, a technology and kitesurfing aficionado

Frank Jarolimek-Proner was born in the Bay Area to a French mother and a Czech father. He grew up in the East Bay and completed his schooling from the French Lycée in San Francisco. He spent 7 years of is life in France, 3 years in London and finally returned from Sao Paulo, Brazil in … Continue Reading ››

Boylo’s Watersports: how to empower your customers to stay more informed than ever!

Ellie set up Boylo's Watersports nearly 3 years ago. Previously they were just online in a warehouse. The shop is on the marine parade, Lyme Regis, literally on the beach, it doesn't get any closer! Boylo's sailors come from all over England because of the shops' location. Their shop is 2 hours from London, Southampton, … Continue Reading ››

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