AWT Rider of the Week — Miho Tanaka


Miho Tanaka hails from Japan and made her debut on the AWT (American Windsurfing Tour) two years ago. After two outstanding 3rd-place performances in the first two stops of the 2013 season, we caught up with Miho to see what life is like on her side of the world.profileMiho

Sail Number: J27
Nationality: Japan
Age: 34
Started Windsurfing: At age 16
Residence: I’m traveling!
Home Spot: Omaezaki, Japan
Sponsors: Sakae co, Neil Pryde, Mana Wetsuits
AWT Debut: 2011
Division: Women’s
Favorite Equipment: Neil Pryde The Fly2, Goya quad, Quatro quad and thruster.
Favorite Move: Bottom turn and forward loop.

Weendy: How did you get into competing and join the AWT?

Miho: First time I heard about the AWT was in WindSport magazine. I had been competing in Japan, but they only have two contests a year. It was a little boring for me, so I decided to compete on the AWT also!

Weendy: How long did it take you to try your first forward loop? Do you enjoy waveriding or jumping or both?

Miho: I remember my first forward loop. It was in 2002. I thought about it for four years before going for it. I love wave riding and I enjoy jumping also.

Miho3Weendy: What do you think the scariest part of windsurfing is for a girl?

Miho: To get thrown into the Ho’okipa rocks. I’ve been there eight times.

Weendy: What does a typical day of your life look like?605_658118727538177_227975835_n

Miho: My days are always different depending on where I am. It used to be hard to find the time [to go windsurfing] when I had a full-time job in Japan, but now I have a sponsor: Sakae co. So now I have all the time I need to windsurf.

Weendy: We saw you at the Santa Cruz and Pistol River AWT events this year. Are you going to do the whole AWT tour?

Miho: I would like to! I’m very stoked [about] getting 3rd in Santa Cruz and Pistol River. If I manage my budgets well or find additional sponsors I probably will do some more.
Miho2Weendy: Tell us about your dream windsurfing vacation. Where would you go and who would you take with you?

Miho: My life is like a vacation now. So I want to keep going to do AWT with my AWT friends.

Weendy: Tell us about your best session ever.

Miho: My best session ever was on the North Shore of Oahu last winter. I was on 3,9 Neil Pryde and 74 RRD and logo high wave. It was amazing!!

Weendy: And finally, tell us one thing most people don’t know about you :)

Miho: I’m really good at making sushi. I’m trying to play the  Ukulele!